Free Time

I have a really sad confession to make.

I’m bored.

Yes, I am aware that I have a new baby. He is amazing to play with, read to, sing to, take pictures of. He amazes me every day. Like today he was doing a really great job of holding up his head and doing little “baby pushups.” And as he gets older and the weather continues to get nicer there will be more things to do.

So I must have like a ton of cleaning to do right? Remember how I told you that I have a pretty awesome husband, yea, well he’s also kind of a clean freak. Yesterday, he vacuumed the whole house and cleaned up the kitchen and finished the laundry I had started the night before. We’re both pretty good at keeping things tidy (for now). He’s actually out in the old garage (that he cleaned out yesterday too) knocking out drywall so we can get started on our next house project, Laundry Room 2.0.

Last night, he mentioned it again, I need a hobby. Something to keep me occupied while Colt sleeps. And he isn’t wrong. Until recently, my “hobby” was roller derby. Only derby kept me out of the house, far out of the house at times, and away on the weekends. I need a house hobby.

I hate yarn, so I will not be knitting or crocheting. I have tried my hand at making jewelry, and I get bored easy. I suppose I could start reading all of these books I own. Gardening is more like work (and another project I have for this spring anyway). And yes, I do occasionally find time to write this blog. I guess I could exercise but come-on who really likes doing that? Oh, I’m baking right now, that’s a thing. And money is kind of an issue too. Kids are expensive.

Perhaps what I need is focus. I need a way to channel my projects into actions. In fact, I am so unfocused, I’ve already walked away from this post once. Well, my time seems to be coming to an end. I hear junior stirring in his swing, and my banana bread has only a few more minuets in the oven.

What was it I was saying again…


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