Moms Don’t Take Sick Days

Have you seen this commercial? It’s true. You can get help, but you definitely don’t get time off.

This week started on Sunday when I was thrown up on. Monday, I took the day off work to make sure Colt was feeling better. By Tuesday night, little Colt was showing signs of being sick with a cold. I spent the night soothing the stuffy-nosed little boy. Wednesday, Mike was able to take him to the pediatrician where they confirmed he had his first cold. That night was better after we propped up Colt’s Rock n’ Sleep so his nose drained, and used the Boogie Mist. Thursday, Mike was able to stay home with him all day and he was showing improvement. However, by that night, Mike and I were starting to feel a cold coming on. At 2am it was in full force. 

I ended up calling in sick.  I’ve been back to work less than two weeks, and I’ve called in twice. Welcome to parenthood, huh? Stuffy nose and sore throat. Fun times indeed.

Well, let me tell you, when you’re sick and have a two month old, you’re hardly able to rest.

Not saying I didn’t have some help.  My mom did bring me soup and entertained Colt for a bit.  Mike was at work all day, and busy this evening.  I could’ve called in extra resources, I’m sure my mother-in-law or sister could have come over if I had asked. But it actually wasn’t that bad of a day. Besides having to blow my nose a thousand times, Colt was a good kid and he kept me smiling. 

He also kept me busy. Since this morning, I’ve fed him 10 bottles, changed just as many diapers, prepped 15 bottles (I’m experimenting with bottle counts tomorrow), pumped 6 times, and sang at least 3 rounds of ‘Old McDonald Had A Farm’. I’ve also done a sink of dishes and half a load of laundry (it still needs to get in the dryer).

Sleep is going to be amazing tonight. Even if I only get 4 hours at a time. 


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