Happy Easter!

Colt’s first Easter almost didn’t happen.

A few weeks ago, I bought and made up baskets for the three of us. The Easter Bunny was bringing Colt some cute little toys and a few books. Mom and Dad got candy.

Colt’s grandfather had recently been in the hospital, so we hadn’t made plans for the weekend really.

Saturday night we decided that we’d visit grandpa in the morning and then do dinner with the rest of our families at our place later in the day. 

Only in the wee hours of the morning, Colt spit up pretty much all of what he’d just eaten and was pretty upset about it, but after getting everyone cleaned up, we were all back to sleep. 

I got up once again with Colt around 5am and everything seemed like business as usual. I put him back to bed and snuck the Easter Baskets out of hiding. 

But at 7am, I fed him and was enjoying some early morning cuddles when he spit up/vomited all over my chest.  I always figured I’d get thrown up on but assumed it would be when he was much older, and had binged on Easter candy. 

Poor little guy didn’t have a fever so I cleaned him up, and rocked him back to sleep. We skipped going to grandpa’s, made sure he rested and stayed hydrated. By early afternoon, he was feeling much better. 


He ate like crazy again all afternoon and it was beginning to look like we were hitting another growth spurt.  He played with his grandmas and aunts, and was in bed pretty early last night. 

I ended up staying home with him today, just to be sure he didn’t have a bug. There were a few more over night feedings, and some needed cuddles.  But we seem to be doing a lot better. 


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