Two Months!


Mr. Colt sure is growing fast! At our last doctor’s appointment (a week ago) he weighed in at 11 pounds, he was 22 3/4 inches long, and had a head circumference of 15 1/8 inches.

He still loves to kick, and loves to play with his Fisher Price Kick n’ Play. It has a mat to lay on, toys overhead and a piano at his feet to kick. He has also found a new love for his Boppy pillow. He likes to lay in it and kick around and coo!

Now during tummy time, rather than quietly observing his surroundings, he wiggles and kicks his legs in a sort of belly crawl. He can actually move forward a few inches on his own and with something (or someone) to push against, a foot or so. I tell him he has to learn to roll over first.

His cries are more subtle now. More like little whines just to get your attention. He makes a few more cooing noises than just grunts.

His arm movement is a little more controlled, but still pretty erratic. He has started to bat at toys hanging overhead.

He still fusses when he has a wet diaper, but is learning to be more patient and tolerable.

I’m still mainly pumping and giving him bottles, however we did have some little bits of nursing lately that I hope to keep up.

Little guy got his first round of shots this past week too. He didn’t much like the needle sticks, but he got some extra good cuddles from daddy and mommy.

Monday was his first day at day care. Everyone was dotting over how cute he is. They used his footprints and made some artwork that was super adorable. I’d say it was a success.

We’re now all looking forward to many more exciting milestones to be met as he continues to grow and learn!


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