Last Day

Today was spent preparing for my return to work, and Colt’s first day at daycare tomorrow. 

The house has been cleaned.
Grocery shopping complete.
Lunches made.
Daycare bag packed; crib sheets, bibs, extra clothes, diapers and wipes.
Laptop bag and pump bag packed.
Clothes picked out.
Baby bathed.
Coffee set.

Now we just need to hope for a good night of sleep. An easy departure. And a fast day at work. 

It’s been a quick 8 weeks, and I have been so lucky to watch my tiny newborn grow into a sweet, smiling baby boy. It will be amazing to see all of the growing and learning he does during the day.

I am so lucky to have such a great job that will allow me flexibility to take care of Colt the best way possible. I have plenty of vacation days available to take off for when he’s ill or we need a play day. My boss is allowing me to try out various start times this week to see what will work for us. And I’ll be able to pump and keep up feeding Colt breast milk. I’m considering taking Wednesday off to help make the transition a little easier. 

How do I feel? A little nervous. A little sad. But they say starting this young is easiest. Colt will probably be asleep when I drop him off and he’s pretty good with people. He’s had grandparents and aunts jumping to take care of his every need from his first day home. I’ll get into a new routine in time. And every minute I get to be with my little boy in the evening will be that much more special.


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