One Month!


How time flies!

How is Mr. Colt doing?

– Well he’s developing his digestive system. I hear it’s a right of passage to get a cleavage full of sit-up. And he gets the hiccups pretty regularly.
– He loves to kick! We abandoned the swaddle for footie pajamas early.
– He refuses pacifiers, which makes mommy happy, only he loves to chew on his hands (hoping he’ll grow out of that).
– Prefers to stare at the ceiling fan over tummy time, but when placed on an incline he has a really strong neck and loves to look all directions.
– Starting to not fuss over diaper changes, clothing changes or baths. Did not enjoy his first ride in the K’tan wrap. (I think it has to do with his dislike of being swaddled).
– Communicates mostly through grunts and growls.

It’s still hard to believe that I am someone’s mom. Mike has taken to fatherhood like I never would have imagined. He just let’s life roll right on. I still have a pretty consistent thought of “Am I doing this right?”

I’ve been working on completing what I can in Colt’s baby book, and on one of the pages it asks me to check a box, “I’m considered: a fussy baby or a laid back baby”. I’ve been avoiding answering the question.

Can I really make that determination at this point? Are the little 15 minute fits (Mike times them) an indication of a fussy baby or is that just part of being an infant? He fusses if he’s got a full diaper, but who wouldn’t? He squirms, and shoves his fist in his mouth when he’s hungry, it’s the best way he knows how to communicate. His little body is new to him and he makes the worst faces when he’s trying to poop. And sometimes it seems he just needs to be held. But does that make him fussy? Or do I need to ride it out some more when things aren’t so new?

I’m hoping, that as we all grow and learn, he takes after his parents (specifically his father) and learns to relax. I know that I have improved on my patience since becoming pregnant.

Pregnancy is surely a test of your patience to get you ready for motherhood. Can’t get through the morning meeting without needing to use the restroom? Can’t bend over to put on your shoes? Can’t wait to just have this baby already?

Pregnancy reminds you to breathe. Labor urges you even more. And if I’ve learned anything during this month, it’s to take a deep breath and push forward.

For every cry that sounds like the world is ending, take a breath and go through the list. Hungry? Diaper? Gassy? Sleepy? Scared? Generally uncomfortable? Breathe.

For every diaper you just changed that gets filled right away. Change it again. Breathe.

For every bottle that wasn’t enough? Get another ounce or two ready. Breathe.

For every latch that wasn’t right. Pop that baby off and start again. Breathe.

I’m sure there will be plenty more lessons learned. Like time management. I’m dreading going back to work simply because of the change in our morning routine (and the lack of sleep). But I’ve got another month to get better, to learn, and to grow. And Mike keeps reminding me, I’m doing fine.

Edit: I’ve been doing more reading and I’m wondering if we’re going through a growth spurt. He feeds constantly and seems to be particularly fussy in the evening. It’s been about a week. Let’s hope this calms down soon.


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