Pump You Up

Warning, the following post is about breastfeeding and pumping, if it weirds you out, feel free to stop reading now.

For the past two weeks I’ve been mostly exclusively pumping, with little dabbles in feeding the little guy straight from the boob. 

I’ve learned to appreciate the few moments of alone time. And I have a pretty good schedule going, but I do feel at times that I’m just a milk machine.  I know that eventually this 8 times a day routine will slowly become fewer and fewer as Colt grows bigger.  Which will be nice. 

It is challenging to schedule the day around Colt. I’m not used to having to think, ‘Yes, I can do that as long as it falls in this 3 hour time frame between diaper/feeding/pumping.’ 

It’s strange how liberating pumping can be, but at the same time, I feel tethered to this three feet of hose.

And just because I only pump for 15 or so minutes at a time, doesn’t mean it only takes a few minutes. 

First, my alarm goes off on my phone. I clear it and then have to finish up what I’m doing, or get Colt situated so I can set him down. 

Then it’s gathering the pump parts I need, as they are sitting in the dish rack drying from the last time. 

Sit, pump, chill, read. Whatever.

Then it’s time to disconnect, put milk away whether in the fridge or freezer. If it’s a freezer batch, then into bags it goes.  (And pray I don’t spill it). Then wash all the parts again. 

Sometimes that process takes like an hour.  And then that means I have anywhere from 1 to 2 (3 at the most) hours before I have to do it all over again. 

I’m sure that I’m not alone in this. Exclusively Pumping is hard work. And keeping up with it is hard on the nerves and psyche.  But I still think it is worth every ounce. 

To keep my sanity, I’m setting little goals.  My first is to keep this up until his first month birthday (March 1). If I can make it that long, I’m doing great.  Then I’ll set my next goal. 

I have mad respect to all the mommas out there that nursed or pumped for however long they made it.  It ain’t easy, but it’s rewarding in so many ways. 

And for the mommas out there formula feeding, it’s just as challenging, and you have happy, healthy babies to prove it. 


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