Two Weeks!

And a special Happy Valentine’s Day to my new little hunk. 

Being a parent isn’t easy.  And I’ve had a few moments this week where I’ve realized just how much our lives have changed.

The other morning, Mike had gotten up with Colt and fed and changed him while I got a few extra minutes of sleep. Once up, I was sitting in the nursery, pumping the next days milk, Colt was laying in his crib a few feet away. I patiently sipped my coffee, listening to the hum of the machine, as Colt squeaked and squirmed for attention. Mike was pacing the kitchen trying to make breakfast and feed not only Diesel, but also his brother’s dog Oden. Just knowing that those 15 minutes were going to be some of the only peaceful minutes I had that day. And at the same time I couldn’t ask for anything else, that little moment was a snapshot of our new lives and it wasn’t bad.

Granted, a few nights later, Mike and I would be trying to sneak a few minutes of sleep while Colt fussed and fought in his bassinet at 2am 4am. Hoping that our little guy was finally settling down and that hopefully his tummy was feeling better. It had been a busy day with lots of visitors, and perhaps a few too many bottles were drank a little too fast, or we were a little too distracted while eating, because poor little Colt was a little extra gassy. Again, watching Mike rise to the occasion and albeit a little frustrated, he calmly rocked and fed his newborn while once again I was strapped to my pump.

Every one of these chaotic and busy moments are forgotten pretty quickly when we experience the little smiles and faces of wonderment. Thinking ahead to all of the joyous occasions in the future and treasuring each and every day.

Parenting isn’t easy. But I wouldn’t trade the bad days even if I could. It’s the long nights and endless cries that make way for fun days and giggles.



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