One Week Old!


Happy One Week Birthday Mr. Colt!

I can hardly believe that a week has already passed by! The harsh reality is that Mike only has one more week off with me.  I’m going to miss having him at home all day. 

But aside from that, little Colt has been quite the adventure so far. In fact, you may notice that these posts will now be categorized as “The Adventures of Colt!”

So, what have I learned so far?

– Newborns make the best faces.
– Poop is reliable resource.
– They make some of the cutest, and yet most heart wrenching noises.
– Your new baby will make you cry all the time, for good and bad reasons.
– There doesn’t seem to be a worse feeling than when you haven’t been woken when you thought you should have by now.
– Baby sneezes are adorable.
– You’ll never love anything more.
– Some days you’ll feel like king of the world because you are an amazing parent.
– Some days you feel really guilty simply because your husband let you sleep in a little bit.
– Nothing ever goes quite as planned, but it’s OK.
– One diaper is never enough.
– Hiccups bother his parents more than him.
– Time is now calculated in hours between feedings, pumpings, and diaper changes.
– I have some of the best non-judgmental friends and they are awesome at making a new mom feel good.
– Babies are remarkably strong.
– There might not be anything cooler than watching him discover the world.
– Except locking eyes with him during feedings.
– That there are going to be so many more milestones, moments, and memories to come.

What an amazing first week. Tears were shed, sleep was missed, ear to ear smiles were shared with strangers congratulating us, family and friends have taken a million photos, Diesel kisses have startled our sleeper, and we’ve experienced overwhelming love for our little guy. Let’s keep it all coming! And as always, thank you for reading, and for your comments and encouragement!


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