First Visit to the Pediatrician

Last night was not fun.

Trying to establish a routine with Mike that wasn’t going to wear us both out didn’t really work out. 

Colt was sleeping pretty heavy all day.  It was starting to get harder and harder to feed him. Knowing he’s a little jaundice, it was a catch 22. Not eating could be making his jaundice worse, and in return making him sleep more. 

Last night most of his poopy diapers were more gas than anything.  And boy oh boy were they making him upset. 

Today we saw the pediatrician.  His weight was lower than they wanted, so we’re supplementing his feedings with formula a few times a day. We also had a bilirubin check done again.  Not great, but not alarming either. We go back to the pediatrician on Saturday morning. 

Hopefully, we’ll see the little guy start to perk up again with the added calories, and we’ll get back to regular feedings.

When he does nurse he’s pretty great at it.  Oh, and my milk came in today.  Hello engorgement! I had to pump a bit today just to breathe.


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