My Labor Story

January 30 –  Friday at work, my female coworkers were guessing, and somewhat worrying, that I would go into labor this weekend.

At 39 weeks, my doctor hadn’t seen any sign of dilation on Thursday so I was skeptical. 

Friday evening I had a few contractions, at least what I was thinking were contractions. And Colt was was having a field day moving around. 

I was exhausted and went to bed around 10. All the while wondering if tonight was the night. 

January 31 –  Saturday morning I awoke just before 9. I spent some time in bed just wondering what the day would bring. Mike brought me a cup of coffee, and I played some songs on my phone for Colt. “Here Comes the Sun”, “Better Together”,  “Constellations”.

I ate breakfast while Mike went out for a bit, and decided that a bath would be good after the previous night. 

When Mike returned, we decided to go to the skeet range with the neighbors.  I figured it would be good to get out and walk around a bit.  Or at least better than laying around the house. 

The walk was tough but not bad.  I had fun with the boys, keeping their scores.  By the time we got back to the car I was definitely a little sore.  I had what I imagine was 3 really good contractions on the way home and while stopped at Meijer. 

When we got home, I promptly changed into my jammies and ate.  If I was going to go into labor, I wanted to be comfortable and fed. 

I had 2 or 3 more contractions before they settled down for the most part.  Still getting the occasional tightness until I went to bed.  No sign of my waters breaking. But, newly developed symptom included leaking breasts. 

February 1- 2am Did my waters just break? Clear fluid, a little brownish mucous, keeps coming 2:42am Called the doctor. Mike is taking a shower. We got our bag packed. The dog is fed. It’s almost 4am and I’m just waiting to warm up the van a bit before we head to the hospital. 4:15am headed to hospital. Had to turn back to get Mike’s cell phone.

5:20am dilated to at least 1cm. Let the wait begin.

8:20am – had a yogurt and some oj. Having some decent but irregular contractions. Going to try and get some shut eye if possible.

11am – slept for a while. Woke to the sound of the woman in the next room crowning. Shortly after, baby cries. Mike and I got up and walked the halls for about a half hour or so. Now sitting and watching some TV. Sure seems like things will never get started.

12:30 – Finally got to meet Dr. Blake, she’ll probably end up delivering this little guy. Dilated to maybe 3cm. Mom called and asked me not to go into labor as they’re calling for a snow storm all day. Too late. They’re going to give me the lowest dose of Pitocin to try and get these contractions moving.

1:22pm – Hooked up to the Pitocin. Both of our mothers have called randomly. So they’ll be showing up soon I’m sure. My dad just texted me but didn’t answer when I called.

After the Pitocin; Margaret, mom, Jes & Jer arrived. We visited for a while until the contractions started getting a little harder.

Mike was an amazing coach! I couldn’t have done it without him. And when it got really tough my mom was there to help. And I couldn’t ask for a better team.

At some point, I asked for some pain med to take the edge off. I almost broke for the epidural, but we’d finally made it from 3cm to 6cm. So we pushed through.

The doctor had gone home, so we were somewhat waiting for her. I have no idea how long I pushed for, but Dr. Blake showed up just in time.

Sounds like the cord was around his neck, but he was still doing fine. Mike just had to cut it a lot faster than we’d anticipated.

Soon he was in my arms. In all of his gooey greatness.

And we’ve been doing great ever since. A little sleep, a little nursing for Colt. A couple of stitches, and a shower for mom.

He really is AMAZING!



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