Buy All the Things!

Everyone keeps asking if we’re ready. Have I said this before?  And yes, I feel we have all of the things we need to care for a newborn.

  • We have a car seat, installed and ready for bringing home baby.
  • We have a crib, changing table/dresser and another dresser.
  • We have drawers and bins of clothes. Sleep sacks, and swaddlers.
  • We have a stroller. It not only allows for my infant carrier to snap right in, but also converts to a slightly large umbrella style stroller.
  • We have a swing.
  • We have a rocker/bassinet like thing for those first few weeks at home and for around the house.
  • We have a pack’n play.
  • We have a high chair.
  • We have like a hundred storage bottles for breast milk, bottles, and a breast pump.
  • A few of those cool Kidsme Food Feeders.
  • A tiny little tub with infant insert.
  • A rocker/glider.
  • A wagon.
  • A play station.
  • Blankets, bibs, and burp cloths galore.
  • A diaper bag, complete with an extra set of baby meds, and grooming supplies.
  • And diapers. At least 3 packages of newborn size, 3 size, and 2 size 2. And wipes.
  • And we have a cute small selection of toys and books.

Is there any thing you think I am missing? Any must haves for new moms and dads? Anything you had that you never used?


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