Ready? Ready!

Getting closer to our due date, Mike and I are settling down and enjoying our time together at home.  And I realized that means I haven’t blogged. 

The other weekend, Circuit Broad threw for me a great baby shower with many of our derby friends. 

I got a lot of great gifts, and books and so many breast milk storage options! Oh, and I may have pretended to let Cookie Rumble try to catch my baby in the WFTDA Division 2 Championship Trophy.

I love all of the derby mom’s that have been so inspiring and helpful.  And I’m grateful to call them my friends.  Not to mention, they really bring a good time. 

Mike was busy over Christmas break and finished the floors, including the trim.  We did a little electrical work, changing out outlets and fixing some 3-way switches that weren’t working.  And this past weekend, the house got a deep clean. 

At our last doctor’s appointment, the ultrasound estimated that Colt was weighing about 6lbs.  Every thing seems on track for a natural delivery.  We’ve got another appointment Wednesday.

At work, we’re gearing up for my pending leave.  I’m training another woman in the department, and I think it’s going to go really well. 

So now it’s just a waiting game.  Get up, get bundled up for the cold, work, come home, Mike cooks dinner, pj’s, TV, and then it’s back to bed again.


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