Laying New Ground

Mike has had a funny way about getting baby ready. 

When we decided to have a kid, he immediately drew up plans, and blueprints, for a new garage.

We were already using 2 of our 3 rooms for storage and without a basement, we were going to need more room. 

You can read more about it here: New Garage

Of course, that led to spending many hours in the local Menard’s where we found a great deal on new flooring. Future Project Identified.

Which led to finishing the trim, (More Home Improvements) and painting the kitchen. 


Pardon the mess...

With the kitchen a delightful shade of white, it has really brightened up the place. 

We’re 7 weeks out from our due date, and Mike has until the first of the year off work, so of course that means start on the flooring. 

I feel a bit helpless, but Mike has moved the living room furniture into the garage, peeled up the carpet, and busted out the little patch of hardwood we had near the front door.  All in a few hours. 


I have to admit, when Mike gets started on something, he sure doesn’t slow down until it’s finished.  His hard work and dedication are some of the reasons why I love him.


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