Night Terrors

At 33 weeks pregnant, I’ve had many baby worries running through my mind.

Did I chose the right doctors?
Do I have enough bottles? Diapers?
Will I totally bail on my birth plan?
What if I don’t feel like a mother after he’s born?
Did we choose the right name?

But my biggest concern, will I ever sleep again?

I have started dreading bedtime. Every night it’s the same struggle, and I know I’m not the only woman to deal with it.

I’ll crawl into bed, fight to get “comfortable” and then the kicks and squirms start.  Okay, that’s just my little bug settling in too.

And then the acid reflux hits. Roll over, don’t pull my round ligaments, quietly reach for the Tums, and wonder if they are rotting my teeth at night. 

Okay, now getting comfy on the right side. Perhaps at this point, I do fall asleep. It won’t last long. I’ll awake because my hand has fallen asleep.

Might as well go pee.

Back to bed, left side now. Snoring husband in my face. I’m envious.

Fall back asleep, wake up because my now super human hearing just heard the dog race to the back door. Poke husband. No use. Let dog out. Go pee. Drink more water. “Call” for deaf dog. Dog finally returns, heads straight back to bed, instantly snoring.

Back into bed. Hips hurt. Shoulders hurt.  Wrestle the alligator that is known as a body pillow into bed.  Fall back asleep.

Wake back up. Realize you were having a dream about not knowing what brand of butt cream to use.  Throw body pillow across room.  Husband still sound asleep.  Negotiate with dog for the other pillow that fell out of bed.

Get up, go pee. 

Wake up early to the sound of the coffee grinder. Sigh.

Like I said, I know it’s not just me. And that was just the scenario last night. Let’s not forget the occasional nights where my legs act like they have a mind of their own. Or when Mike can’t sleep either. It’s all just practice for what’s to come, right?

Yeah, I see the way you smugly smile at me when I mention that I’m tired.  And you probably see the look of disappointment on my face when I finish my one allowed cup of coffee way too soon. And we both know that there will be so many more exciting things that will make these nights a distant memory. 


Oh, you'd like me to get up now?


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