Silver Lining

Early into my pregnancy, I’d started thinking about labor and delivery and what I wanted and didn’t want.

Mike and I had changed our diets and lifestyle for a healthier approach, knowing that we both wanted to live long active lives.

So I really wanted to start out on the right path for the baby too. 

As soon as I was pregnant I started reading about epidurals and other medical interventions during labor. And about breastfeeding and it’s benefits.

Eager me walked into one of my early doctor’s appointments and excitedly claimed that I’d like a drug free labor.  My doctor at the time, barely looked up from my chart and said, “Yea, we’ll see about that.”

Now, I’m not an idiot, I know that I’m not really going to know what I can and cannot handle until I’m in the moment.  Though, I can be stubborn, and if I say I am going to do something, I generally will.  What upset me the most about his comment, was his lack of encouragement or at least some kind of medically sounding advice to be open to the many options. 

And it wasn’t long after this visit that my doctor announced that he’d be retiring before my baby was due. 

I took this as a golden sign that now, rather than just going with the OB/GYN I’d been seeing for so many years,  now I could look for someone that had my same philosophies in mind. 

Today, I had my first appointment with Contemporary Obstetrics after many glowing recommendations.  I have only met with one of the nurses on staff, but I was able to ask about the policies of the practice and I got a lot more encouragement for my choices.

I meet my new doctor next week, and hopefully the rest of the practice over the next few weeks, so that I can be confident that my birth plan will be taken into consideration and not just tossed aside. 

I want my little guy to have a wonderful experience coming into the world. And however he gets here will be a blessing. I’m just hoping to make it a little less groggy for him. 


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