Things To Be Thankful For

I had an exhausting holiday weekend. 

Starting with a doctor’s appointment after work Wednesday, followed by cleaning up my house quickly, and then dinner with my Aunt from out of town. 

Thursday, Thanksgiving day, I was at another Aunt’s home for a traditional dinner and catching up with relatives. 

While waiting for Santa Claus to make his appearance during the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade, I tried to think of all the things I was grateful for. 
Sure there are lots of things I am thankful for this year, but for some reason it’s been hard to think of the right words. 

I am truly thankful that I’ve had such a great pregnancy so far. The love and support from my family and friends has been overwhelming.  The excitement and joy that I see in Mike’s eyes when it’s the least expected has been a blessing.

The holidays have been tricky to get excited about despite all of the above.  I’m limiting what decorations I set out for Christmas, knowing that I’ll hardly want to have to take them down after. And trying to think of things I’d like for Christmas is tough when all I can think of is the healthy baby boy I can’t wait to bring home. 

Once Thanksgiving was over, I was able to settle in and relax for a night before buzzing about all day Friday with Gabby and my sisters getting the last few things done for the first baby shower. (The second baby shower will be in January, hosted by Circuit for all of our derby friends).  There was also another lovely dinner out with my Aunts.

And Saturday was the shower.  I can’t say how happy I was that everything went so well! My sisters, mom & Margaret, and Gabby, with help from Barb & Eileen, did a fantastic job with food, decorating, games, and so much more.

I was so happy to have so many people attend, and the gifts were all thoughtful, cute and they put my mind at ease knowing that they will all be helpful in taking care of Itzy when he’s here.

Of course Sunday was another day of cleaning and organizing. With only 10 more weeks or so before we find ourselves busy in a whole new way. 

Thankful. It’s a small word, but it sums it up well. 


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