Making Progress

The house is coming along nicely, we finally have all of the kitchen cabinets painted, and Mike is in the process of re-hanging the doors and replacing the drawer fronts. We still have to paint the wainscoting once we get the giant work bench removed.

Mike had needed a place to paint the doors and drawers when it got ridiculously cold out the other week, so a giant piece of plywood has been spanning my kitchen table. It’s also where all of the counter stuff ended up when we sanded and painted the actual cabinets. Once that is gone, it will feel like a kitchen again.

As for the baby’s room, I have finally sorted through 12 large bags of clothes given to me by a friend.  What I decided to keep was organized, washed, and finally put into drawers and bins. What was left, my mother went through and kept a few things for keeping at her house. The rest was donated today.

Yesterday, my sister Jessie came over and we finalized some baby shower things; centerpieces, favors, prizes, etc. We met up with my mom and bought some other things we’ll need. All we really need now is the food.

Now I just need to finish up procrastinating and start making the house presentable (read: clean) for all of the family and friends that are sure to be over during the next week.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


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