Sleepy Time

I know it’s a bit early to be complaining about sleep.  Lately, poor Mike has been fighting the same battle as in the below comic from


He’s a light sleeper. Some times. And lately he’s taken to banish himself to the couch. I feel bad, really I do.

Last night was fun. Mike was asleep pretty quickly. I managed to fall asleep fairly well, which is nice when it happens. At some point in the night, the dog woke up and needed to go out. Mike gets up and lets the dog out, let’s him back in, and comes back to bed. Apparently, that’s when I started snoring, I woke myself up with that one. Only to then hear Mike jump from the bed, rip his cell off the charger and storm out into the living room.

My only thought, “Get used to it.”

I got comfy again, and fell back asleep, only to be awoken by the dog licking my face. He needed to go out again. Really?  I crawled back into bed waiting for him to kick the door to want back in. I have no idea how long he was out for but it seemed like forever. He kicked, I answered, oh and so did Mike. So now all 3 of us are awake and standing in the cold kitchen.

And back to sleep we all went, again.

I swear Diesel is testing us.


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