The flight to Nashville was pretty much the same as any other flight, though it was a bonus to have so many friends and league mates aboard. 

Once we’d settled in at the hotel, Circuit Broad and I found another dozen officials, packed ourselves into various cars and headed to dinner.  An amazing family style dinner with great food, fun with rules and the greatest people I’ve met from around the country. 

Day one started with a little time to sleep in, as the opening ceremonies did not start until noon. It wouldn’t be a derby morning, without a cup of Hi-Death’s coffee.  A great start to a great day!

Opening Ceremonies were nice, not too extravagant, but it was very cool to see all of the teams, from all around the world.

My crew was assigned only one game Friday, the last game of the day, Victoria Roller Derby League vs. Minnesota Roller Girls. It was a long wait to 8pm, but I had plenty of time to catch up with friends, eat some cookies, visit some vendors, and see some great derby.

The night closed with a few of us hanging around the hotel lobby. Crew assignments were distributed and once again my crew received some of the best games of the day. Starting at 4pm with VRDL vs London Brawling.

Many more great games of derby on Saturday, and the opportunity to visit with my father and a few other family members. It was great being able to share not only roller derby with them, but also my pregnancy.

I finished the night with the last game of the day, Gotham vs. London. Another successful Lineup Tracking team with Stacy K.

After a quick shower and some dinner, Circuit Broad and I made our way to the lobby, where NSOs and “hackers” from another convention started a dance party. We were up too late, and got little sleep, but it was worth it to hang out one more time with some great people.
Sunday, I appropriately ended my roller derby career, entering lineups for my Detroit Derby Girls competing for first place in the Division 2 against the Rideau Valley Roller Girls.

144 games over 3 years, finishing my career at the International WFTDA Championships. I couldn’t ask for a better time.

And now on to new adventures!


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