Everyday Challenges

It’s hard really to complain about any of my new daily challenges when I know that eventually it will all lead to the coolest experience of my life and the greatest new joy.

But there are some things that are more of a challenge these days.

Sleeping – Getting comfortable in bed is fun. First its finding a nice position, and then when you do you realize you have heartburn. Then you finally fall asleep but you wake up too warm, and guess what, you’re awake so it’s time to pee. And then you start the cycle of finding the right position to lay in all over again.

Getting off the Couch – I either now have a dog beside me or he’s laying at my feet. It was a challenge stepping over him before. Now I have to with this big belly in the way.

Closing the Car Door – My Toyota doors open crazy wide for the short arms I have now, and trying to lean to the side without pulling some already taught ligament, fun.

Shaving My Legs – Yep can’t move my leg like that any more. Again, belly in the way.

Getting Up Off the Floor – How did I get down here in the first place?

Reaching the Clothes in the Back of the Dryer – Why are these things so big and why did I opt against getting the pedestals?

And I am only at 24 weeks! I can’t even imagine what it will be like at 30 or 40! But every time I feel him kick, or tumble, I can’t help but laugh or smile. (And yes, I know even that will be a challenge as he grows and runs out of room.)


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