A Hunt For A Sunrise

Mike’s alarm went off at 4:30 this morning. It took all I had to get up after him, eat, and dress for the morning.

Rubber boots, water resistant coat and pants, and layers to keep warm. 

Cup of coffee in hand, I surprised Mike by being ready at 5. We loaded into the Toyota, canoe strapped to the roof, and made our way to the state land. 

When we got to the marsh, it was darker than I have ever seen.  The stars were bright, and the moon just a sliver. 

By 6am, we were loaded into the canoe and drifting into the marsh.  The air was cold against my cheeks. We listened for signs of ducks. 

We made our way to the beaver dam, where Mike flattened some grass and made a spot for me to sit. He paddled back out into the open water and left an assortment of duck decoys. 

He was there to scope out next weekend’s hunting spot. I was there to enjoy the sunrise. 


The water was loud, but as the sun began to climb, we could see wood ducks off in the distance. 


It wasn’t long though, before the morning fog began to creep in and by 7am, you couldn’t see more than 40 feet. 


Mike went back out around 8, to gather his decoys.  And we took a paddle around the flood lands. 


It was a great morning for a canoe ride.
And it’s sure to be a great day in Northern Michigan. 


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