More House Work

When Mike and I bought our house we had a lot of work that needed to be done. From plumbing to painting, carpet to deep cleaning. We also needed to do some serious work like replacing the windows. 

We had awful windows. They were drafty, were missing screens and most of them barely opened.

Before we painted each room, we took all of the trim down from around the windows, to make it easier to paint, and because we knew we’d be replacing them. 

That first winter it was crazy cold in our house. Friends would make fun about not wanting to take off their coats. I slept with multiple blankets. And if Mike was away for the weekend, I was known for shutting myself down in our room with a space heater. 

Thankfully, the next spring, Mike and our neighbor replaced all of the windows and the patio door. 

Brand new, energy efficient, white vinyl windows. 

Never in my life had I lived in a home where I didn’t have to use a board to keep the window open.  Or need to put plastic over them in the winter.  I don’t know if Mike understood just how excited I was about them. 

Trim? That’s a winter job. When it’s awful outside and there’s nothing better to do.  Spring and summer are for outside jobs. 

4 years.  4 winters.  With drywall crumbling from the nonexistent windowsills.  Paint chipping away. 

Not to mention, other trim in the house was neglected as well.  The wainscoting in the kitchen, incomplete. The flooring and the wall leaving an obvious gap. 

I’d actually convinced myself that the moment we finished it would be when Mike wanted to sell.  And I have no intention of leaving this home just yet. 

And then Saturday morning, Mike woke up early.  And he shoved aside the couch, and he took down the blinds.  I dragged myself from bed and asked, “Are you finishing the trim?” “Uh huh” he replied. 

Quick! I made coffee! And offered up my help! We made a list of necessary items and we went to Home Depot!

Today, I’m looking at finished trim around all of the windows in my house.  All of them painted (but one). I have a chair rail in the kitchen, all of the wainscoting is up, even the part next to the fridge. And we’ve started priming the kitchen cabinets for the next project.
I am one lucky gal.

I hope to have the kitchen painted with primer before I go to West Virginia next weekend.  And the final paint before Champs in Nashville. Then between Mike’s hunting trips, we can tear up all the carpet and get our new faux hardwood floors in. 

And I think that’ll be it before Itzy Bitzy arrives.  A nice cozy home to bring our little guy home too. 


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