On the Go: Heartbeat

Trying to catch up on all the stuff that has happened this week. 

It started with a toothache, that led to a root canal. Where I nearly jumped out of the dental chair. My heart was pounding, and tears were streaming down my cheeks.  But all I kept thinking was, ‘I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry mommy is freaking out and it’s probably all crazy in there for you right now, but it will all be over soon. Mommy loves you’.

But that is all a distant memory now, nothing to worry about.

I had a very quick visit with the doctor yesterday and I got to record this:

#itzybitzy heartbeat: http://youtu.be/BoJI86X_Xy8

Now I can listen to you whenever I want. 

We’re half way through this crazy journey.  20 weeks to go!


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