Baby Kicks!

Michigan has been riddled with storms over the past few weeks. And with that Mike has been taking advantage of all of the overtime and working late when he can.

Last week, he was again working late, and I was hanging out on the couch watching TV, and waiting for him to come home. And then I felt it. And “it” is the hardest thing to explain.

People on pregnancy forums on the web have said it feels like having really strong butterflies in their belly, or like little mini flips like from a roller coaster, or tiny little bubbles.

Honestly, the fist time I felt “it” I thought it felt like someone running their finger up my uterus from the inside. It was super strange, but I got quiet and waited.

Unfortunately for me, it took a few more days before I was walking back from the ice machine at work at felt it again. And thanks to my keen knowledge of anatomy, I know its gotta be baby.

Now every few days, I feel it. Like yesterday while I was in the shower. I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, I am sure he/she was telling me it was hungry. If it’s my kid the first thing out of my mouth Saturday morning is “I’m Hungry.”

Besides the kicks, I am loving being pregnant. I love how healthy I feel. I have never drank this much water, my skin has been (dry, but) clear. My weight has been steady. And I have been getting at least 8 hours of sleep every day. It’s so much easier to take care of yourself when you have someone else to think about.

Granted, I have been craving sweet and salty things. (Sorry, no clue there as to what I am having yet.) So I have been enjoying ice cream, gummy bears, and French fries (in moderation, of course).

On Thursday, I will be 19 weeks along, almost half way. And on Friday, Mike and I have an ultrasound appointment. Hopefully, we’ll be finding out the gender as long as the little guy cooperates.

And I want to send a shout out to my high school friend, Chelsea. Congratulations on the birth of your little girl!


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