Pregnancy Dreams: A Record

I’ve had some pretty strange dreams during my pregnancy and Circuit insisted that I document them because she thinks they are hilarious.

I’m not really sure if I can remember them all, or if they are really any more strange than my normal dreams. I think I am just remembering more of them in the morning because I had to get up to pee at least once.

Last night, I dreamt that Captain Smirk and Skid Bro decided that they needed to dedicate more of their lives to playing Men’s derby and they moved to Denver. Jack Asster, Slim Sk8ie, Circuit Broad and myself decided to drive down with them while they got settled and decided to just move there.  And then we began wallpapering our new apartment. I remember calling my boss to tell her I was working from home, and from home I meant Denver, and I wondered if she was going to have a problem with that going forward or if I would need to find a new job.

I was woke up by Mike telling me not to sleep all morning, before I fell back asleep again for a short while to dream that we were now having some sort of tournament in Denver and all the officials I knew were there, but these volunteers kept coming and randomly making people take drug tests.

I have previously dreamt about my mother giving birth to a fully diapered baby. I don’t know if that was supposed to reassure me that labor would be easy.

I also dreamt once that I was working as a receptionist at my ob/gyn office and we received a package in the mail. When I opened it, it only contained a sausage. When I looked to see who it was from, I laughed hysterically because it was from a Ref I know, Danziger. Boy was I going to give him a good laugh the next time I saw him.  Which by the way, I was hoping to see him in Kitchener-Waterloo to tell him about it and he wasn’t there.

If I can remember any more, I will post them up on the blog. Most of you probably think these make zero sense at all and you are right, I don’t get them much either.


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