wpid-wp-1409268498599.jpeg Playoff season has started in the WFTDA.

Last weekend, Circuit Broad, Bustah Mugg, Robyn D’Cradle and I made our way into Canada for the second round of Division 2 playoffs.

CB, Bustah and I roomed with Nora Lief.  And it was like a good old fashioned slumber party.  Staying up late to giggle and gossip.  Sharing stories and secrets.

The tournament was amazing with hard fought games, won with close scores.  Our officiating crews were top notch. Some of the best in the world.

At night, we found food and talked stats and scores with the Announcers.

I made a dozen new friends and wouldn’t trade the weekend for anything.

Monday we headed back home, with our patches and swag, and enough butter tarts to share.  And gifts from Aunt Nora.

And now I’m back home, enjoying the quiet and feeling the little flutters that could be Itzy Bitzy.  Can’t say it’s been a bad week.



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