On the Go: Gotta Go!

I’ve been blessed with “morning” sickness that has been mainly in the evening.  Usually it’s a side effect of trying to eat all the things, and drink plenty of water and milk. 

Something I didn’t know about pregnancy until it happened, is that your digestive system slows down. Allowing your body to absorb all the nutrients it can so your baby can grow healthy.  Also making you feel very full, quite quickly. 

And even though it’s not every night, and usually pretty ‘quick and simple’ for a lack of better explanation, it’s not pleasant. Ever. I’ve broken blood vessels in my eye. And more than once, I’ve peed myself.  Thanks kid.

But any discomfort and embarrassment I may go through now, is only going to be forgotten when look into the face of this little guy or girl for the first time. 


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