The Secret’s Out!

001 Ultrasound

My first glance at my new little human!

If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter than you may have heard the big news, I’m Pregnant!

I’ll be exactly 12 weeks tomorrow. The baby is due on February 6th, 2015, the same day as Mike’s birthday.

Yesterday I had my first ultrasound and my first glimpse that all of this bloating and queasiness wasn’t for nothing.

I wrote few posts before I broke the news, but I warn anyone that might read them, they are a little sappy and silly. The Beginning, Week 5, and Week 10. They remind me of that scene in Juno where Jennifer Garner’s character talks to Juno’s belly in the mall. Sigh.

Today, I was inspired to write because of an old ‘I Love Lucy’ episode that suddenly popped into my mind. I remembered watching Lucy is Enceinte when I was younger and I was touched by how surprised and sincere Ricky was about the news that Lucy was pregnant.


Today I learned that when that episode débuted in 1952, Lucille Ball had to fight with TV executives to get it to air and even then she wasn’t allowed to say the word “pregnant.” The execs didn’t want people to know that Lucy and Ricky had S-E-X. I mean, how could they? They slept in separate twin beds!

And here I am announcing to all of the internet that I have a baby on board with absolutely no thought put into it that someone might assume I did the dirty deed!

So yea, the “morning” sickness is starting to go away, and my boobs hurt less than they did before. And I finally have proof of life. But it is still unbelievable.

It’s unbelievable, and its scary and its exciting all at the same time. I’m going to be someone’s mom.


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