The Beginning

Where to start? I guess I could start, Baby, with the thin blue line that told me you were very much a possibility.

Grandma Nancy was very impatiently waiting for your mommy or Aunt Jessie to have a baby so that she could have a little grandbaby to spoil.

You see, Mommy and Daddy had only realized they were ready for a kid of their own a little over a year ago. Mommy and Daddy had been together a very long time and Mommy felt the time was now. And Daddy realized it was time to build a garage.

Don’t worry little Baby, Mommy and Daddy had talked a lot of long hours about you and were looking forward to adding you to our family. Growing our family meant that we would need a bigger house. And just like that Daddy had strapped on his tool belt, hoisted a ladder and set forth building a garage so that we could have storage space for all the stuff we had and were going to end up with.

For now little Baby, we’re going to keep you a secret. Mommy has to go to Milwaukee on Thursday for a roller derby tournament. She’ll bore you to death with those stories later I am sure. But today I wanted to say hello!


Today I am feeling…
Tired, congested, and happy.
I started Memorial Day weekend with a yeast infection. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Of course I Google’d the heck out of it when it started, a lot of comments on forums got me hopeful that it could be a positive sign. My boobs don’t really hurt, but felt heavy last night. If I understand the terminology right, I am 11 DPO. I should know for sure for sure on Saturday.


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