IMG_20140713_171557_012I woke up Saturday morning to the sound of Mike mowing the lawn. So I made us some breakfast and when he was done, asked what he had in mind for the day.

“You should go buy some plants for the front yard.”

“What kind of plants?”

“Green is your department, I just do brown, I don’t care.”

That was Mike’s way of saying, ‘I don’t care.’

“Well, where do you suggest I get them, I could go down to Eastern Market, but it will take me longer, but it could be cheaper… ”

“Sounds good, here’s the van key.” And away I went. I stopped and picked up Luscious Malfoy, who had also never been there before.

We made our way over to the landscaping plants, and it didn’t take long to pick out exactly what I needed and I got a pretty good deal.  6 cedars, 3 hostas, and 3 spirea = $120.  We had the vendor set them aside so we wouldn’t have to carry them all the way back to our car.

We then opted to hit all of the produce vendors. And this is where we learned that either a wagon or a few reusable grocery bags would have been really handy.  Pickles from McClures, green beans, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, corn, cherries, jalapenos, some spices, and a pastry = $30.  Another great purchase.

We walked our goods to the car and decided to go back and look for some eats and a cold drink.  Unfortunately for us, the market was starting to shut down, so we opted to head home. Of course just as Circuit and Wampa showed up. It was a bummer we couldn’t connect with them.

When I got home, Mike was still gone. Turns out he had a rough day including his truck running out of gas, breaking down, and the stores he went to not having what he needed. Our landscaping project would have to be done another day.

And like always, by the time I awoke Sunday, Mike was already up and out of the house. He managed to purchase the new steps we needed for the front of the house. I ran some errands while he went to work leveling the new walkway and steps.

When I returned, we got started on planting our new plants.  Mike got some rocks from the neighbor for the edge of our new gardens, and we got those all laid into place. And filled the beds with mulch.

One more garden bed to go and a few pathway stones and our front yard will be complete!


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