On the Go: London Day 10

Day 9 Bonus: after we got back in our room and was ready to settle in for the night, Meryl stopped by and said she had the Detroit Pistoffs vs. Devil’s Night Dames home game streaming on her phone. Cookie and I joined her and Kraken in their room to listen to the bout.

It was so nice to hear home and to know that everything seemed to be going well.  The Pistoffs won, which determined that the D*Funk All Stars will be going up against the Grand Prix Madonnas at Champs. The Grudge Match is still yet to be determined. 

Today, is my last official day in England.  I slept in, had breakfast and barely had time to settle into bout game day before having to walk to the venue.

I was Box Managing the first game of the day, Detroit vs. Toronto. Detroit kept a decent lead and managed to get a win. Though the box was busy, the 30 second penalties really kept the crazy at bay. 

I did have to give 2 misconduct penalties,  and had a weird jammer bounce with an inactive jammer, but otherwise it went as well as I could hope. 

After a two hour break, Detroit played London again.  This time, I was able to sit in the stands with a few other officials, sans stripes and pinks, and cheer for my Detroit Derby Girls.

Lastly, I got to lineup track for the Rocky vs. Toronto game.  I was happy to not be in the box for that one. 

After the little award ceremony, I headed back to the hotel and gathered my stuff.  My new NSO friend Mary, was kind enough to drive me into London.

She ran me past Big Ben, the BBC, and Piccadilly Circus.  We also stopped to snag photos at Abbey Road and across the river from The London Eye. 

And now here I am, sitting in Heathrow Airport a few hours too early, eager to be home, but wishing I could spend just a little more time. 

See you soon, America!


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