On the Go: London Day 8 & 9

Hey! Sorry for not blogging yesterday! It was a busy day. 

Friday morning started with a nice walk through Guildford to the train station and Starbucks. The town is really nice.

I spent a good part of the day resting up and just getting my head around the fact that it was bout day.

Detroit played a closed bout against London. Detroit lost, and it felt more like a scrimmage than a bout for rankings.  But it did get my head back in the game for the tournament this weekend.

I met a lot of fun new Officials and learned a few new things.  We had a few pints after the bout before heading to bed. 

This morning was a great day for sleeping in, eating breakfast and cleaning up before the Triple Header.

Detroit was up first against Rocky Mountain. Another loss. That was followed by Toronto getting beat by London. We had a two hour break where I was able to grab a sandwich. 

After that it was Rocky Mountain vs London, London taking the win again.

After a couple of pints and a lot of good laughs it was back to bed again. 

One more long day tomorrow and then it’s time to head home.


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