On the Go: Dublin & London Day 7

Today was our last day in Dublin, as we headed to England in the afternoon.

We got up fairly early, checked out of the hostel and headed back into town to do some last minute souvenir shopping and post card sending. We walked through Trinity College and along parts of Temple Bar we hadn’t yet seen.

The weather was actually quite nice and it was a shame to be leaving.

We had a close call making it to the airport but luckily we made it to our gate and boarded on time. The flight was quick and we were soon in England looking for a way to get to Guildford where the tournament is being held.

We caught another break as there was a direct train heading out of the airport in just 15 minutes. We hurried up, got a group ticket which saved us some money and in less than an hour we were pulling into town.

I haven’t yet seen much of Guildford, but it seems nice. I opted to grab a quick bite and a beer and settle into the room with some WiFi. I don’t have to be at the venue until 7pm tomorrow, so I am not sure what I am going to get up to in the morning. If I had my way, I would take a super early train into London proper and visit some sites if I could. We shall see!


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