On the Go: Edinburgh Day 1

Arrived yesterday in Edinburgh and took a double-decker bus to our hostel, or at least to as nearby as we could.  We then had to walk up about 100 stairs to get to where we were staying. 

Meryl and I are in a cute little private room on the 3rd (what they call 2nd) story. It has two single beds and a dresser.  There are two shower rooms and a kitchen on our floor.  You have to remember to take a key with you when you need to use the bathroom. 

Once we got settled in our room, Meryl and I took a nice stroll around the neighborhood and got a bite to eat. We met up with Warp, Cookie, Tigs, Lazer and Racer and explored a bit more. 

Tigs and I grabbed a hard pear cider at the pub near our hostels and had a delightful time with a couple of boys from Dublin.  They shared a number of places we need to visit next week. 

We all hit the sack pretty early after a long day of travel.  I was up at 8 am and enjoyed a quick walk to the pharmacy and convenience store. Now we’re waiting on the gang to get up so we can grab breakfast and visit the Edinburgh Castle.


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