NSO Symposium


Over the weekend I was honored and privileged to attend a Symposium with some of the best Non-Skating Officials from the Great Lakes Region.

Many of these amazing NSOs are certified, have officiated a playoffs and I am also happy to call my friends.

It was a great meeting of the minds where we discussed concerns, rules, tips & tricks, procedures, and laughed at some of the outrageous things we have encountered over the years.

We spent time going over how to make our leagues, crews and bouts better. We walked through drills and scenarios.

With my upcoming trip this week, I had been dreading sitting in a classroom for hours on two days, but now I am so happy I went.  And I am so excited to bring back to Stat Army all of the wonderful things we learned!


I also got to be part of the best scrimmage I have ever been part of, even though I royally screwed up as Box Manager. They came up with some great scenarios to screw with the officials, some “shananijams” if you will.  I had two jammers report to the box at the same time both with 2 penalties, only one of the Jam Refs reported the second penalty tho, so I had a fun jammer bounce. Then I had two skaters get sent to the box and repeatedly cause misconducts while in the box. That one broke me. So much ridiculous fun! I hope we can start doing fun things like this at home. 🙂

I leave for Europe Thursday night.  I hope to be able to keep jumping on WiFi and letting you know about our adventures. #radomadventureswithpitzy


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