Cram It!

This weekend has been devoted to cramming things.

I did a test run with clothes to take to Europe and how much stuff can I get in my suitcase.  The final tally: 8 t-shirts, 2 pairs of jeans, one pair black pants, one black skirt, one pair of black leggings, grey tank, pink polo, WFTDA track jacket, one nice shirt, one pair of chucks, one pair of boots, one long sleeve shirt, pajamas, toiletries and not much of anything else.

Cram It!

Cram It!

I am planning on bringing my backpack as a plus one item, hopefully they won’t make me check it when I am going between the islands.

I also booked my flights between Edinburgh and Dublin, and Dublin and London. Now just trying to plan how to make the most of the one evening, and part of a morning in London. Still trying to make it to Abbey Road.


The other part of the cramming, is the studying kind.

The WFTDA relaxed its new rules that will go into effect April first.  So this weekend has been spent reviewing the new rules, determining how it will impact the Stat Army NSOs, writing guides, printing all of the updated materials and trying to get organized.  We have one more bout this year with the old rule set before we move into the new one.

And of course, while my crew of NSOs will be at home working their first home bout with the new rules, I will be thousands of miles away having just done my own first new rule set bout with a crew of officials I have never worked with before in a foreign country. I have all of the mom feels about it.  I want to be there with my crew while they do this new crazy rule set.

Next week will be our first Sanctioned bout of the season, the Detroit Derby Girls Allstars vs Tampa Bay Roller Derby, March 22nd, 6 PM at the Masonic Temple in Detroit. If you haven’t already gotten your tickets you should do so now! Visit!


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