Today I received some amazing news, and I get to share it with you in this, my 100th post!


I am happy to announce that I have finally received my WFTDA Level 2 NSO Certification!

For those who know me, you know that this has been a long hard journey. It is for most of us seeking this honor.

Just to put it into perspective, I worked out the numbers.

Bouts Officiated: 114
– Sanctioned: 17
– Regulation: 22
– Other: 54
– DDG Home Team: 32
Tournaments worked: 7
– Mitten Kittens: 2
– Brewhahas: 2
– D2 Playoffs: 1
– D1 Playoffs: 2
Bouts Using Rixter: 22
– Rinxter Crashes: Unknown
NSO Positions: 12
Evals Received: 39
Clinics Attended: 2
Attempts at NSO Cert Test: 4
Cities Traveled to: 14
Miles Traveled: 3,850
Nights in Hotels: 27
Beers Consumed: Unknown

After all the miles traveled, all of the beers consumed, the derby rules discussions, it wouldn’t have been done without the help of some amazing people:

Mike: for putting up with all of those nights away
CB: my travel companion and co-head
Mayor: my amazing derby hubby that pushes me and encourages me
AK: my derby daddy and mentor
Belle Isle:  for all the the listening and support
HD & Robyn: for all of the Carpools and Room shares and letting me sleep it all off on your couch.
Stat Army: for knocking me down when I needed it, and for lifting me back up always!
The DDG League & BOD: for all of the support, financial or otherwise
The amazing NSOs and Refs in all the cities all over that have provided feedback and an ear to listen: Wishbone, Nora, Frak, Morgie, Stabby, Deadeye, Brawls, CRG, Kill C, Galvie, Parking Lot, Strong Female Character, Sod, Tofu, Travis, Intejill, Tootie, Hated, Jet & Bustah, and I am sure I am missing someone. So thank you! I couldn’t have done it without  you!



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