Obligatory New Years Post

Happy New Year Readers!

Better late than never right?

So while I am snowed in this crazy cold night, I figure I should get this post out.

I started writing this New Years Day but didn’t feel motivated to look back at the year. I know kind of silly.

I had a great year with plenty of ups and downs.

I got to travel to a bunch of really great places with some great friends thanks to derby.

I upped my officiating skill by NSOing at the WFTDA Playoffs.

I finished out my second season with DDG and was elected co-head NSO with Circuit Broad and Mayor was elected co-head Ref with Geo.

Mike and I started fixing up both our relationship and our home.

But I guess I just have more things to look forward to this year, that I can’t really seem to find the words I want to use to reflect back on the past year.

I am looking forward to the new expansions on out house and hopefully to our family.

I am starting at a new job in a few weeks. It should be an exciting new challenge.

I will be resubmitting my application for certification in February, and hoping to finally earn my stripes.

And maybe in the meantime, I will do a little more traveling, keep working on my NSO skills. I want to keep taking more pictures, and writing as often as I can.

Heck, maybe I’ll even get that motivation to do a real nice write up on my adventures last year.

Up Next for me is another bout on Jan 18th. Star Wars themed once again, with my friend Doug’s band, BuzzBangPow playing at the bout and after party.


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