Pitzy Cooks: Left-Over Turkey Pot Pie

Yesterday, I was driving home from work at 1pm thankful to have gotten the golden handshake telling me to enjoy my holiday.

My phone rings.

“Hi Sweets!”

“Hiya! I am at Meijer, did you need me to get anything?”

“Well, actually, I was thinking, we have turkey left over from the other day, how does pot pie sound for dinner?”

“Sounds great, uh…”

“I’ll meet you there in 5”

We picked up all the ingredients and headed home. And promptly decided it was probably a better idea for New Years Day.

New Years Day was snowy and turned out to be a great day to stay in and warm up the house with some great smelling food.

I started with this recipe: http://tinyurl.com/osmkjjg

Rather than using a bag of frozen veggies, I opted to use fresh produce. I cut up some onion, carrots, celery, and potatoes and added it to some sliced mushrooms. Into the pot with the butter and some garlic, I let those cook until tender. Added the flour, cooked some more and then added the remaining ingredients.

Turkey Pot Pie

I have never made a pie of any kind, so I was a bit nervous about using the refrigerated dough for the first time, but I let it come to room temperature and didn’t have any trouble.

I let it bake as directed and only set off all 9 smoke alarms 4 times.

Yea, so part of that building a new garage meant bringing the rest of the house up to code by installing more wired together smoke detectors. Only there was a communication break down and Mike installed one in every single room. Which is nice but was not necessary.

Back to the pie. It was amazing. It came out golden brown, we let it sit and cool for quite a while. But it was still steaming hot when I cut a few slices for us both. It had great texture, was nice and savory thanks to the thyme and sage. The crust was perfect, buttery and perfectly cooked.

I am definitely making this one again.  My only future wish is to try and not use a prepared turkey gravy, not sure if I really trust my kitchen skills yet to make my own crust, but the least amount of prepared food I can use, the better off it will be.

Cooking good in the new year!


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