On the Go: Tiny Little Tracks

Mike, the dog and I headed out into the woods today. And I have to admit that I become a curious little school girl when I start seeing fresh animal tracks in the crisp snow.

I see the little foot prints and I try to identify them right away. Bird? Tree climber? Canine?

I love following them to see where they go. From tree to tree. Brush to brush. Across a frozen pond. 

Today, we followed some kind of tiny rodent, mouse or vole. It scurried about. Across the trail, over the pond. It was eventually accompanied by the tracks of a coyote! Though, I’m guessing there was a difference in time, and the coyote was also following the tracks. 

A little way up the trail, we spooked 4 or 5 partridge. We found their tracks as well, with the funny little swoop from where their tail feathers drag in the snow. 

There were also plenty of deer and rabbit tracks. Always a good sign of all of the life making a home on our property.



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