New Garage


New Garage

Building the new garage

For the past few weeks, Mike has been busy planning, buying materials, and starting the construction on our new garage.

We have a traditional 3-bedroom, 2-car attached garage ranch. Though, for most of the time, it has just been Mike and I, and occasionally Paul, the storage space has been very minimal. We have our room, and then his and her rooms.

Mike’s spare room is devoted to his number 1 hobby, hunting. The closest full of warm clothes, he has a work bench for cleaning guns, fetching arrows and whatnot.

My spare room has been for the most part a little office. A desk, the printer, a few book shelves, a few miscellaneous pieces of exercise equipment etc. Right now, it’s Paul’s room.

On the back of the house is a little enclosed porch that the previous owners left in shambles. Its been home to our chest freezer, patio furniture, bikes, and my holiday decorations in bins.

We have no basement, and the attic is not sufficient for storage.

When Mike and I began talking about eventually expanding our family, Mike came up with the idea of building the new garage. The future child would of course take up at least one of our spare rooms. That would mean our hobby rooms would have to consolidate, and where would we put it all?

The new garage is being built in front of the current garage. The current garage will eventually be split into a workroom for Mike, and a storage/utilities room. I hope to move our washer, dryer, water heater, and furnace into the new room. That would free up our current utilities room for expanding the half bath into a full bath with a shower, and a pantry.

All of the stuff currently residing on the back porch will get moved to the garage/storage room, and the porch will be demolished. Eventually, we’ll build a nice deck off the back, along with a new porch on the front.

It’s a lot of work, and it will also include a new roof, and new siding, since we’ll have to do the new garage anyway.

I am so very thankful to have a guy like Mike that is so handy.



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