Monthly Update


Things I should have been blogging about all month and didn’t.

Early in October my sister got married. It was a beautiful autumn wedding. Her accent clot was red. Both families had a wonderful turnout. The ceremony was cute and straight to the point. The food was great. The hall was perfect. And we danced the night away. I’ll post more when the pictures come back.

The following weekend was the Detroit Derby Girls Season Opener. I was Head NSO and Mayor was Head Ref. The D-Funk Allstars narrowly beat The Pistolwhippers. It was a close game. Hard fought. And everyone felt good about it. The after party was at a place called 3rd Street. They are known for their ‘dangerously delicious’ pies. And they were really good!

The next weekend was spent in Chicago. The Detroit Derby Girl Allstars played in a double header against Windy City. Circuit Broad, Jack Asster, and Robyn D’Cradle all drove out to NSO. We also had Hi-Death and AK 40oz along with us to announce. Our friends, Nora Leaf and Phil in the Blank were nice to offer us their home to stay at for the night. The doubleheader went really well. And the after parties were a blast.

That Sunday, Nora made us a tremendous breakfast buffet and we enjoyed telling stories and laughing the morning away. That afternoon, the six of us headed down to the lake shore and took in some sights. We ate a great sushi lunch and got back on the road to Michigan. Albeit, a little later than planned.

This weekend, Mike started the construction on our new garage. Or as Mike calls it, not new but ‘bigger, better garage’. This new addition to the house will open up our spare bedrooms from having to be storage rooms. This will also give us the excuse to tear that disgusting enclosed porch off the back of the house and build a deck.

Oh, and it is also my birthday today. I’m 31. I’m not ashamed of my age. Those are 30 incredible years behind me. I’ve lived, learned, and loved so much. I cannot wait for the next 30.

Up Next: Halloween, Jes & Bri’s Halloween Party, WFTDA Champs in Milwaukee, and DDG’s Double Header.


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