NSO Nightmare

I just woke up from this horrible NSO nightmare.

DDG was back playing at Cobo. And all of the stat crew was up on a dais behind a curtain. We could see the track, barely, but no one could see us.

During the second bout of a double header, I was scoreboard operator. The SO controls were printed on some kind of touch sensitive cloth.

I can’t see my Jam Timer, and somehow end up starting the first jam early. And I hear both the crowd and announcers react of course. I’m trying to undo, and they go ahead and start the jam while I’m obviously still trying to get the scoreboard to work right. 

Meanwhile, someone is coming up to me and asking me to sign some kind of ‘get well’ project for someone. And drunk fans are asking me to do birthday shout outs. 

I’m still struggling with the scoreboard controls, but have somehow managed to lose my English version and now all I have is Spanish.

I woke up just as I remembered seeing 2 non-bouting skaters grab white boards and walk towards the track.

Scoreboard Fail.


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