Old Dog Blues

Well, Mike and I had the same general concern, that we both feel was answered for good this weekend. Our old dog is losing his hearing.

This was not helped by the lady yelling at us at a rest stop this weekend.

Diesel had jumped out of the car early, and he was safe in the parking lot but not listening to Mike’s commands. Which led to Mike having to grab his scruff. Mind you, he didn’t hurt him, it was to keep him from wandering off. But that’s not the way some lady chose to see it. 

Nothing quite like having to explain to a stranger that you’re not an abusive ass to really make you feel like one. 

We kept an eye on him the rest of the weekend. He can still hear a bit, but it takes a louder tone to get his attention. 

We’re both saddened by this of course, but like Mike pointed out, it’s heartbreaking to know he may not hear the chatter of squirrels or the chirp of chipmunks. Hunting for those little rodents made him the happiest dog. 

I’m just hoping he has many happy days with us, and we’ll continue to to keep giving him those days. 


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