Be Prepared

It’s more than just the motto of the Boy Scouts, it’s a life style that I have embraced since becoming a Non-Skating Official with DDG. I learned that not every practice will provide you with the tools you need to do your job, and not every team you visit will have what you like.  I prefer to have my own stuff so that I can do my job comfortably, and accurately.

I was inspired recently by this blog post:, and thought I would write my own.

I’m gearing up and getting ready not only for the upcoming WFTDA Playoffs that I will be officiating, but also for the next Stat Army Basic Training that starts this Wednesday (8/21/13).
I have a little more than just a pencil-case, I have my stat bag. Right now I have the following in my bag:
  • 2 Clipboards
    • I have one that I use for home bouts with a DDG sticker and more fun things, and then one I have for sanctioned and regulation bouts that is more professional.
  • 3 Stop Watches
    • I was originally trained in the 2 stop-watch penalty timing method, so I have a 3rd watch as a backup.
  • 2 Whistles
    •  I have a standard Fox 40 that I use regularly, and a backup*.
  • Multiple pencils
    • I have one really nice one that has refillable lead and replacement erasers and then I have many extras.
  • White Board Markers
  • A Glove
    • After wearing one for a very long time at a tournament, my glove got a little customization with a pair of scissors. Only the index finger remains.
  • Extra stat sheets for practice
    • Specifically; Penalty Tracking, Lineup Tracking, Score Keeping, Box Timing, & Actions.
  • Extra Evaluation Forms
    • Both with my information filled out and my picture, as well as blanks for fellow officials.
  • Calculator
  • Rule Book
  • Notebook

Now, that is the stat bag of an over-achieving nerd. I recommend all of my NSO’s to have the following:

  • 1 Whistle
  • 1 Stop Watch
  • 1 Clipboard
  • Numerous Pencils
  • Notebook
  • Rules Book

What do you keep in your stat bag? Is there anything that you would recommend for a new NSO?

*You never know when you will get the opportunity to train someone as amazing as Dumptruck and you will need another whistle.


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