On the Go: I miss dancing in the infield

When I first got into derby, I would spend my Wednesday nights, walking in circles, tracking penalties and dancing in my socks. 

I smiled, I laughed and took in all the derby knowledge I could absorb in two hours.  Then, I’d walk to the bar next door and spend just as much time laughing over cold beers and cheese sticks. 

Somewhere, it was established that I was a good NSO. I taught other NSOs the way of life. I preached to them the importance of maintaining a professional and impartial demeanor. But I would also make sure that everyone took a moment to remember why they got involved in the first place.  I even made sure to take a bout off, cheer for my friends, both skaters and officials, drink beer, make silly signs. 

Last season, I travel near and far, worked my ass off for evals, sported an amazingly attractive pink polo and devoted so many “unfun” nights to earning certification. 

I guess it wasn’t quite enough. Not this time anyway.  I’m bringing the fun back.  Not taking things so seriously.  It’s just roller derby, right? I’m going to rock the shit out of playoffs! Patches or not. 



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