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One of the things that I have been waiting to tell you about is finally official.

I will be officiating at the 2013 WFTDA Playoffs!

Specifically, I will be NSOing at the Division 2 Tournament in Kalamazoo, and the Division 1 tournaments in Richmond and Fort Wayne.

I got the invitation a few weeks ago while I was at ECDX but I had to wait for confirmations and the official word from WFTDA before I could speak of it.

I had to laugh when I got my first email. I was at ECDX, it was on the 3rd day and all of the officials had been talking about when the invites would go out. It had been raining, so we weren’t stepping outside as often to check our email. I was standing in line to use the ladies room. Someone had commented that it was the only location inside the venue where you could get signal. The line was long enough so I thought, why not, and switched my phone off of airplane mode. Opened the email app, dragged it down to refresh and waited. Move up in line. Waited. Move up in line. New email, preview “Congratulations…”

And so I laughed.

I am absolutely honored beyond words. The best officials in the WFTDA think that I am qualified, professional, and capable of officiating the top games in the sport.  I better not mess this up!

I had an amazing time spectating at the North Central Regionals last year. And I am glad I had that experience so that I can kind of imagine what I will be line to be involved this year. If anyone hasn’t been to see this level of play I highly recommend you come to one of the 7 tournaments being held this August, September and November.

Division 2 Playoffs

Division 1 Playoffs


For a list of officials working each tournament check out,

I'll Be There

Be there!


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