Another Busy Weekend

It was a good weekend for friends and derby.

Friday night I got to spend some time with my dad while he was in town for a bit. We had dinner up at Doons where I ran into an old friend as well.

Saturday morning I woke up to a message from Ian asking if I wanted to get lunch at BDubs.  It was great to hear from him and I thought it was the perfect timing.  We had a great little lunch and caught up on the happenings over the past few weeks.

Pitzy, HNSO

Pitzy, HNSO

Saturday night I got to Head NSO for the first time, for my 75th and 76th bouts at Wings Stadium.  The Killamazoo Derby Darling took on the Motor City Disassembly Line and the Motown Wreckers.

The Motown Wreckers beat the Killa Crew and MCDL took a hard loss to the KDD A Team.

Not only was I Head NSO, I also did two jobs that are not high on my experience list, Box Managing, and Jam Timer.  The Jam Timing went pretty good, but I did have one mess up during a Jammer Bounce while Box Managing.

But, I guess that’s where practice, practice, practice comes in.

Yes, I am aware I don't know what the park is calledSunday morning, Diesel and I took a nice walk through River Woods Park.  I am grateful to have such wonderful parks near my home.

Sunday, I got to pour beers for the Woodard Avenue Brewery with my fellow Detroit Derby Girls at the 3rd Annual Pig & Whiskey event in Ferndale.  All of the tips we earned went to supporting our upcoming season.

It was a ton of fun hanging out with my league mates, trying different beers, and interacting with the customers.  Everyone was having fun and the event looked like a success, not only for DDG but for the WAB and Ferndale.

IMG_20130721_204655I’m back home now, resting my tired legs, applying burn cream to the pinkness slowing appearing on my pale skin, and enjoying a quite night in with the boy and the dog.


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