On the Go, Go, Go, Go…

It feels like it has been forever since I last wrote! I’m so sorry! I feel like a momma who has neglected her child.

Since the last time I wrote, DDG has wrapped up it’s home season and went full force into travel season.

I had some nice time off in between over the Memorial Day weekend.  I kicked Friday off right with a bunch of barbequed meat, margaritas and Jello shots.  And best of all, our friend Paul was in town to share it with.

I had a quick two days back at work and then it was up and off to Milwaukee via train for the 2013 Midwest Brewhaha. We arrived in town a day early and we had a chance to wander around before we got absorbed into the back-to-back bouts for three days.

The derby was great, the people were amazing, and the weather was near perfect. When we weren’t working bouts, there was dancing and drinking, pounding nails and slamming shots, room crashing and bed swapping. The bed swapping was for sleeping only… I swear.

I wish I could post more pictures from the weekend, but I lost my phone on Friday night, and what ended up on my Instagram is all I have.

After eating garbage and far too many German beers over the weekend, I spent the next week recuperating, working out and trying to eat good healthy yummy foods.  And before I knew it, Mike, the dog and I were headed up state for a weekend away.

Mike has been planting food plots on his property and he needed to make sure they were getting watered during the early stages of germination. And it was a much needed weekend away from derby and all of the house cleaning (still) waiting for me.

And wouldn’t you know it, today has been my first free day in what seems like ages.  And it’ll be the last for a little while yet.  Saturday morning it’s back on the road, this time heading out to Columbus, OH so the Detroit Derby Girls All Stars and the Motor City Disassembly Line can take on the Ohio Roller Girls once again.  Will the previous victors take another win? Or will Ohio have the home track advantage?

All I know is that I am looking forward to seeing many of the awesome officials that I call my friends. Okay, I know I just saw many of them two weeks ago, but they live so far away!

And ya know what? After that comes the Officiating Clinic in Philly and ECDX… I am tired just thinking about it, but I can’t wait!

So, that’s a recap of the past few weeks. Maybe soon I can hop on and spend a little more time with each trip and let ya know some more details.




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